The blogs listed below are either random blogs I enjoy, or those that are special to me that are written by friends.


This blog is written by a friend who is traveling the same road that Tim and I are on with her husband, Dr. Paul Veach, who is also battling cancer.

Rachel Veach’s raw and candid approach to their circumstances will draw you in with every post.



I think of Rachael Richmond as somewhat of a niece moreso than a second cousin because her mother and I grew up like sisters.

Rachael is smart, funny and a talented writer.  She is the mother of two beautiful little girls and has a great partner in life in her husband.

She has a voice and she knows how to use it.  I hope you enjoy her blog.



Laden with food for thought and spiritual insights, Lisa’s blog is a worthwhile subscription for anyone looking for guidance or simple truth’s for daily living.

Lisa is known mostly for her work with Proverbs 31 Ministries but also has a blog and website of her own that is sure to inspire.

A woman ‘after God’s own heart,’ you will enjoy following her and learning from a woman who is walking the walk and talking the talk.



Who doesn’t love Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.  I became a fan of her very first cooking show on cable television.

Ree’s recipes are so practical and simple — the type of food that real people eat with the type of ingredients that real people keep in their kitchen’s.

I loved her then and I love her now that she is a huge star and entrepreneur.



Sisters Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson are a Southern Living 2016 favorite blog.

Their quirky approach to homemade do-it-yourself home decor will make you smile as they share their fresh ideas for a fun, easy lifestyle.

From crafts to food and everything in between, this sister blog is fun, fabulous and worth subscribing to if I do say so myself. . . and I do.




I typically don’t pay much attention to travel blogs because they are a dime a dozen.  But the one and only one that I subscribe to is called, The Londoner.

The London super blogger, Rosie Thomas, is really more of a Lifestyle Blogger than purely a travel blogger.  Her sense of classic style and timeless ‘girl next door’ beauty are hypnotic.

Her blog page is also the cleanest and most well organized blog I’ve ever subscribed to.  My content is not in the same ball part as Rosie’s just yet, but I know that content is king and I have to step up my game if I want to be like Rosie when I grow up.